Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Ammama passes away

In January, my Ammama, the most powerful person I have ever met, passed away peacefully in her sleep. May her soul rest in peace. 

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Patanjali effect

One day,

Sid: Mama, is there a Patanjali TV ?
Me: (confused) No.. why ??
Sid: They say those products are good for health (TV Ad) so if there was a Patanjali TV, it would be good for my eyes! And I can watch it as long as I want.
Me: ???!!!! 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Brother's new bundle of joy

Sep 26th  New addition to my brother's family - a baby boy.  Big sis is super excited and doting over him. We are so excited and waiting to see them all. The little one resembles Sid a lot or at least I strongly think so.

Babies bring so much joy into the family! 

Rainbow, wishing you all happiness always :)

Friday, 16 September 2016

Remembered this cute incident today

Sid must have been a year old then, he was playing with his toys. I was in the same room folding clothes. As I walked back holding the folded clothes, I hit my knee on the bed really bad. I doubled in pain and was almost in tears when Sid (obviously witnessing the scene) pointed his tiny finger towards the bed and started crying loudly. I was moved to say the least. To see my angel feel my pain was very touching. I often remember this incident. Today was one such day :)

Love you my boy. Thank you for loving me so much. Your innocence and pure love makes me wonder if I even deserve this much love!

Friday, 26 August 2016

Sid quips

Its been a while I wrote down Sid's interesting ideas and replies here. Here is one that happened couple of days ago. There were his cars strewn all over the hall and we were expecting guests.

Me(Real sweet): Sid, can you please pack up your stuff ? We don't want our guests seeing cars all over the house, do we ?
Sid(Equally sweet): Sure mom.

Few minutes later, I was surprised to see the floor clean.

Me: That was super quick. Good job Sid.
Sid: (very happily) You liked it didn't you ? I just pushed them all under the couch. Now, no one would bother peeping under the sofa to find them!
Me: ?!!!!

Love you baby!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Back with a post

This must be my umpteenth resolve to write regularly here. My poor unattended blog, here I am and hopefully this time  to stay.

Last year (2015) was quite eventful.  One big milestone for Sid  was his slow and steady addiction to reading.  He reads really well (for his age). It is quite a sight seeing him engrossed in his books.

He also picked up his love for swimming. There was a small incident, but he is all healed and loves to swim whenever he is near a pool.

I had a couple of health issues which completely drained me. I had to quit my part time job and be sedentary for a while. We couldn't travel much. Not even the usual summer holiday's travel to native. Looking back I think that phase kind of took the major part of the year. But then life's challenges only make you better. That particularly difficult time too has passed by and this year I am a lot better and back in action.

And thus continues life's interesting journey. More to come..

Ammama passes away

In January, my Ammama, the most powerful person I have ever met, passed away peacefully in her sleep. May her soul rest in peace.